Joanne Venet

Location – Manchester 

Height – 5″4

Eye colour – Blue/Hazel

Hair colour – Red/Aubern

Hair length – Mid Length

Build – Medium 

Accents – (Native = Manchester) RP, Spanish, Yorkshire, London, Liverpool, Cheshire, American – New York, American standard.


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Production Company Title Role Director
Viva TV  BENIDORM PRIDE Presenter  Trevor Lugmar
Tiger aspects BENIDORM 111 Spanish waitress  Sandy Johnson 
YTV THE ROYAL - SERIES 6 Mrs Skinner  Tim Dowd
Granada TV COLD FEET Nurse Cieran Donally 
Granada TV STAN THE MAN Helen Nigel Douglas 
McKormack Pro. MUNKEEZ Sue John McKormack
BBC CITY CENTRAL III Woman on phone Delyth Thomas
Biffa Pro.  ACTORS Jan  Ian Vernon
World Pro. COPS II Donna Harry Bradbeer 
BBC NICE GUY EDDIE Mother  Douglas Mackinnon
YTV DINGLES IN VENICE Italian Receptionist  Tim Dowd 
Granada TV MY WONDERFUL LIFE Receptionist  Keith Washington 

Production Company Title Role Director
Fama La Nusia FAMA Mrs Sherwood Rob Barendsma
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Bolton Festival 2001 BARKING Janice Colin Harvey
Buxton Festival 2001 THE WHITBY BELL Lynn Christine Marshall
Green Room CLUB NEMESIS Claire Voyant Robin Graham
Lauchpad THE WHITBY BELL Lynn Russell Tennant
Sharpedge GOD'S FRONT ROOM Ruthie Barbara Sobrero
Launchpad DYING OF THE LIGHT Faye Jill Retzano
Royal Exchange theatre MAD FOR IT  Unknown Gregg Hersov & Marianna Elliot
The Jewish Museum  THE BARMITZVAH Rita  Fran Horwich

Production Company Title Role Director
Chick Productions CHICKS Jean Anthony Nyland
Friday Night Films WISHFUL THINKING Emily James Butterworth
Channel 4 Films EAST IS EAST Customer Damien O'Donell
Trans Decent DEAD AWAKE Operating theatre nurse Kris Kosta 
Chica Chica Pro. DESPERATE Detective Joanne Lowry John McCormack 
Chica Chica Pro. CHARLIE'S PLAN Mrs Goodwin John McCormack
Ultimatum Films STRAGGLERS Shona Steven Hutchinson
Map 48 POLITICS OF CONSENT P.C. Detective Rob McGovern

Production Company Title Role Director
Mallinson TV Pro. FIRST FOR LAWYERS Wife  Stuart Elliot
Independent Films LND. CURRYS Mum The glue society 
Wharfdale Pro. REGENCY MORTGAGE CORP. Lead Role Wharfdale pro.
Viva TV Spain ROUND TOWN TIMES NEWSPAPER  Presenter Richard Harwood
Viva TV Spain THE LOST PASSPORT Mum Richard haywood
Jwt/The Gate PLUMS LOOSE FITTING COVERS Lead role Simon Lewis 
Onward Pro. ST. MARTINS HOUSE Assistant  Emma Farrell 

Production Company Title Role Director
Broadway Theatre company  MAGIC OF THE MOVIES  Dancer Sharon Gaffney 


Production Company Title Role Director
Capture one video  LLOYDS CHEMIST Customer  Brett Nurse/Helen Chamberlaine 
Hoover pro. HOOVER TRAINING Mother/Customer
Ambit  TEACHER TRAINING Playground superviser  Peter Simon
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Mainstream Pro. CO-OP  Eve  Andy Saunders
Light house Pro. CO-OP insurance Sure Fotherinton Bob Griffin 

Production Company Title Role Director
Viva TV LOST PASSPORT Mum  Richard Haywood
Yorkshire TV EMMERDALE Receptionist Tim Dowd
6 Foot hight films CHICKEN KARMA Sue  Emma Farrell
Front room films A DEATH AND A FUNERAL Maggie Tim Harper 
Pro. role players Medical role play  Patient PRP
Map 48 Politics of consent P.C. Detective Rob McGovern